Getting the most “BANG FOR YOUR BUCK” when getting ready to LIST YOUR HOME

By taking a little focused time and effort, these inexpensive TIPS for homeowners can help you get THOUSANDS more in net proceeds at the settlement table:


    – Straighten the pantry and closets (no space is unnoticed by nosy buyers)
    – Depersonalize your space (consider removing personal photos if distracting…this allows buyers to visualize themselves living in the home)
    – Remove some furniture if overcrowded (furniture that’s too big will make a room look small)


  • Focus on FRESH
    – Strongly consider a professional DEEP CLEAN
    – Clean glass windows and doors
    – Vacuum dust bunnies
    – Make your home smell good – air fresheners/candles (but not too overpowering a fragrance)
    – Wash down light switches and door handles
    – Perhaps a few well-placed potted plants to add a cheerful vibe to a room


  • Consider some targeted PAINTING
    – Repaint walls to neutral tones if color is LOUD
    – Touch up any scuff marks
    – Paint trim and door frames, if dull/scuffed
    – Patch/repair holes in walls, touch up paint after sanding/spackling
    – Remove wallpapering (don’t paint over it!) / choose neutral paint
  • Review CURB APPEAL
    – Power-wash siding/deck/patio/porches (if needed)
    – Clean a streaky roof (really improves look!…check out Sparkling Image Roof & Exterior Cleaning)
    – Remove weeds / mulch flowerbeds
    – Trim hedges
    – Plant colorful flowers
    – Refresh/paint front door
    – New front door mat
    – If home has a pool, open it up early (within reason) or provide photos during a past season


    – Open your curtains and blinds to allow light IN
    – Fix any loose handles (I know…sounds picky, but buyers will notice and will wonder what else isn’t working properly)


Happy Selling!!

Best Regards,
Team O’Donnell…..Dave & Sam O’Donnell
Dave – 302-598-0189 / djodonnell@comcast.net
Sam – 302-598-0297 / / scodonnell@comcast.net

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